My name is Lillian Modak, and I am a friend of Steve and Sharon Bramham. Actually the Lord introduced us and they have kindly given me the opportunity to tell anyone reading this site about God's graciousness and His healing love. Jesus Christ is most certainly our healing Lord!

My testimony begins with my father's healing in 1977 from blocked arteries. Emile Jacumin was 46 years old at the time, and heart disease is very common in our family. At the time my father could not climb our basement steps without pain! The Lord healed him in Black Mountain, NC at a conference where Delores and Bill Winder ministered. The Lord filled him with the Holy Spirit and physically healed him during this time. The next day he was able to hike up the mountain adjoining the conference without pain! When he returned from the trip, his heart doctor ran tests that showed his heart was making its own bypasses. Although four of his siblings have had bypass surgery, he has never required this treatment and is in good health at age 73!

In 2001, I was in need of healing. After I had my second baby, I had reconstructive surgery on my stomach muscles and had two hernias repaired as well. The recovery was painful and I had felt badly for some time before this. Over time, I became discouraged and my concern was never being strong again. During a medical exam for an infection, I told my doctor of a strong pain in my lower abdomen. He felt it and said it was an incisional hernia that would require additional surgery to heal. I was upset because it would be my fourth surgery. Scared and in shock, I struggled to concentrate as my daughter played Barbie dolls with me. Out of the blue she said, "Mom, let's make the Barbies climb up the mountain." As I recalled my father's healing and subsequent hike up a mountain, I felt the Lord was leading me to ask for a Holy Spirit healing! After putting her to bed, I sat up most of the night praying and reading my Bible. I sought the Lord's heart for me and several verses stood out:

For thus says the Lord… As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem. When you see this your heart shall rejoice, your bones shall flourish like green and tender grass. Isaiah 66:12-14 (Amplified)

You see, childbirth had caused my injuries, but God's nurturing love would heal them! The next morning, I told my husband that I was going to ask the Lord to heal my hernia so I wouldn't need surgery. He knew I was afraid and tried to prepare me in case God didn't answer, but I pushed on. I looked up Delores's name on the Internet as I felt I needed someone who believed in the miraculous healing power of the Lord to agree with me and pray. I found the testimony of a man named Steve Bramham who the Lord had healed through Delores and Bill's ministry. He lived in Kennesaw, Georgia, which was only 40 minutes away. I knew he was the one to pray with me. I called information and dialed his number. It was a Saturday and Steve is often out ministering on weekends but this day, he was at home!

Steve prayed with me over the phone and I immediately felt something drop in my abdomen and pain began leaving. I made plans with Steve to meet him at his church the next day. When I took a walk, after we prayed, everything seemed unnaturally bright and shining. I slept pain free for the first time in a long time. Everyone at the church was so nice to me the next day. They prayed with me and shared some things the Lord was showing them about me. One friend, Randy Wadsworth, told me I had the healing but that as I continued to seek the Lord and pray to Him that my strength would return. This was true and I gradually saw other illnesses fall away including the leftover nerve pain from the hernia, to a ceasing of bladder infections, and increased strength.

One thing they told me was to keep thanking the Lord for healing me. As I would pray my thanks, I could feel a warm heat settle into the area of the hernia. It was a precious time of growing in my awareness of God's Holy Spirit. Later, I read in a Beth Moore Bible study, "The Lord heals us not just to fix our bodies, but so we can meet the Healer!" He is the best part!

Monday, I went to see the doctor who did the surgery and after examining me, he said there was no hernia! I hugged my Jewish doctor and told him that Jesus had healed me! I was not so bold when I went back to the doctor who had found the hernia, but I felt he deserved the right to know what the Lord had done. I told him, as my heart pounded, that the Lord Jesus had healed my hernia and he said, "Great! I love miracles. I have seen two and this will be my third." Climbing on the table, he examined me and wrote in my record "resolved without treatment." Even the scar tissue was gone where I felt pain! To our surprise, the doctor began to cry. His wife was presently undergoing cancer treatment and the miracle was a great encouragement to him! Praise The Lord!

Since then we have seen other miracles: An elderly woman's eye healed of a sight threatening shingles condition, a man healed of headaches that the doctors couldn't treat, a girl healed of bone spurs in her knee, a man healed of a pinched nerve, a women healed of a lump in her breast…God loves you! Pray and believe that He is for you and not against you!

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for You are my praise! Jeremiah 17:14 (Amplified)